A hat? Perhaps -(Works from Lee Sun Don of X-Power Gallery, Chanel and the Aran Islands)

Artist李善單 Lee Sun Don's ongoing works@X-Power Gallery, Taipei, the photo originated from  TT's facebook album (TT is manager of X-Power Gallery@Taipei)
(2012.10.26).6 作品進行中 artist:李善單 S.D.L— 在寶勝畫廊;影響力藝術中心

The Lee Sun Don and Ma Sing Ling (the 3-artist group) just won international art honor – being selected into the ROI 125th Annual Exhibition, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) in the United Kingdom. Click here for more details.   

Vision / Golden Woods • Bound-free Journey

Vision / The Home of Prosperity beyond the World  

In the movie, there was a scene Andrea keeps wandering on the street, and wearing a hat (by Chanel) . She is thinking whether to take the offer from Miranda, her boss, the chief of fashion Magazine. The invitation from Miranda is Andrea would be her assistant for the fashion week in Paris, while this will break the dream of Emily, another assistant, who was the first candidate of this job and she is eager for the trip.


 Picture originated from internet. Click here for more information.
  In the movie, Andrea did not answer directly, but the decision was made before destiny, or perhaps the hat!?

"French fashion icon Coco Chanel (1883-1971) went from being a struggling hat maker to being one of the fashion world's most recognizable names. Over the years, Chanel's simple, comfortable designs began to change the way 20th-century women dressed, freeing them of the stiff, uncomfortable trends of the past. Today, the empire that Coco built produces some of the most successful and coveted fashion items, headed by designer Karl Lagerfeld." (data source)

    "Qui qu'a vu coco?" (Who has seen Coco?)


I have a very similar style of hat which bought from the Aran islands, Galway, during my stay in Ireland 2004-2005.

The hat was of wool material and handmade. At first beginning, it was a gift for my father; while he rejected to accept the gift for thinking the style is for old men.
He is right, and also wrong about this point, since the men of the Aran islands, Ireland (different from the Scottish isle of Arran) really keep their culture traditional as original since the beginning.

More interesting article about The Aran Islands.
Wikipedia informaiton.
The patch cap hat, what I purchased then. 

Ragús - Green Grow The Rushes

Quote from Youtube: Fergal O'Murchú, accordianist and singer of Ragús, a group of musicians and dancers from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland performing traditional Irish music, sings "Green Grow the Rushes" in this wonderful piano version. The word ragús is an Irish Gaelic word for 'desire' or 'urge'.

Ongoing process of the works, in X-Power Gallery, 


寶勝代理藝術家李善單教授與Ma Sing Ling 瑪馨玲 同步入選「英國皇家油畫畫家協會」第125屆年度評選

 賀!寶勝代理藝術家李善單教授與Ma Sing Ling 瑪馨玲 同步入選
「英國皇家油畫畫家協會」 第125屆年度評選

亞洲百年來第一位以「個人油畫館」參展威尼斯雙年展的藝術家李善單教授,以及亞洲首團女子藝術三人組Ma Sing Ling瑪馨玲──同步入選「英國皇家油畫畫家協會第125屆年度評選」(125th Annual Exhibition, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters), 再添國際榮耀。
位於倫敦、成立於1882年的「英國皇家油畫畫家協會」,在1909年由英國國王愛德華七世賜封「皇家」榮銜,足以顯示其在油畫藝 術領域的重要地位。




Ma Sing Ling 瑪馨玲:


Joy from the King(s) -Bohumil Hrabal & Ma Sing Ling瑪馨玲

Joe come to me at the coffee shop of X-Power Gallery Taipei last Sunday. She just come back from Prague several days ago. She is a tour guide, and the last trip hit her fifth guidance for Taiwan tourists in Czech and the areas nearby.  During the simple and quick conversation by the table and free refilled herbal tea, the name of city, Prague was mentioned maybe just 2 or 3 times, and it made its way that afternoon.

I recalled one artwork "King" (by art group Ma Sing Ling this summer (2012)) and Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal's famous book "I served the King of the England"(我曾伺候過英國國王). Prague is the scenery set of this book.

Form of Unity/Purple Energy from the East‧King
Oil on Canvas 2012
100 X 200cm

"Hrabal's two best-known novels are Closely Observed Trains (Ostře sledované vlaky) (1965) and I Served the King of England (Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále), both of which were made into movies by the Czech director, Jiří Menzel (1966 and 2006, respectively). 
Menzel's adaptation of Closely Observed Trains won an Oscar in 1967." (Wiki data)

Ma Sing Ling (LA interview)

(Manihoo, SingWay and Ling Ling, left to right)
Ma Sing Ling瑪馨玲 (Profile Origin)

Ma Sing Ling is a collaborative working team comprised of three young promising artists in Taiwan: MANIHOO, Singway and Ling Ling. These young artists have developed quite tacit understanding with one another, X-Power Gallery thus brings them together to spark new light. Their first attempt to create as a trio is “Form of Unity,” a series featuring the beauty of grandeur, magnificence, and incredible coherence. One of their creations in this series has been selected into the 159th Autumn Exhibition organized by Royal West of England Academy, United Kingdom (2011). More information, please check the Ma Sing Ling Website or X-Power Gallery.

Joe come to me at the X-Power Gallery that afternoon, and I remembered the essence from the book "I Served the King of England" is nothing but "Joy". 

Hrabal noted the joy comes from the death, by the story of the Czech attendant, who was inspired by English King or other dignitaries (even Ethiopia King) and engraved to seek for fame and fortune all his life, and finally got peace and joy upon his death, alone. 

While Ma Sing Ling瑪馨玲, this collaborative art group of 3 artists from Taiwan, expressed the idea of joy and peach come from genuine King from our innate, by the painting "King" and their method of creation,  "Form of Unity".


Predestined Affinity (Sculpture exhibition) - Ma Sing Ling 瑪馨玲「緣來如此」雕塑展 - (2012.11.01 (Thu. 四)~11.30(Fri. 五))

Ma Sing Ling 瑪馨玲「緣來如此」雕塑展  

Title: 飛翔Flying  銅雕Bronze  (48x38x32cm) 2012

Artist 藝術家:Ma Sing Ling瑪馨玲

時間:2012.11.01(Thu. 四)~11.30(Fri. 五)
地點:台北「香華天.新藝境 寶勝畫廊」 台北市敦化北路207號1F & B1
(X-Power Gallery, B1, No. 207, Dunhua N. Rd., Taipei 10595, Taiwan )
Tel: +886 2 7707 8299
Fax: +886 2 7706 0101



Caravaggio Midnight, 2006 by Cathy Pitts, American artist in Art Revolution Taipei 2012.

Cathy Pitts is a contemporary painter. 

She trained extensively in piano, dance, and acting which she fully integrated in the development of her work. In the late 70"s she designed stage sets at UCLA where she earned her BFA and later designed sets for the Palm Springs Dance Company. Cathy has painted for close to three decades. She is the protege of Kwok Wai Lau with whom she was mentored privately for six years. Kwok Wai Lau is a former faculty member of the International Art School, Hong Kong and guest lecturer for The Art Institute of Chicago and School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cathy is exhibiting internationally.
Her paintings and sculptures are in private and public collections nationwide.
She was awarded "Best of Show" at The Palm Springs Art Museum's 37th National Exhibition. 

In the last seven years her award-winning work has been shown and awarded in 26 national and international exhibitions selected by many distinguished jurors in the art field, including world renowned art critics, Donald Kuspit, Phyllis Tuchman, and Kenneth Baker: museum curators of the Metropolitan, Museum of Modern Art/New York, Whitney, Guggenheim, Chrysler, Corcoran, Terra Museum of American Art, and Spertus Museum, as well as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Walker Art Center, and the Art Student's League. 

Her work was also awarded "Best Oil Painting", by the Director of Education for the Paul Mellon Collection, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, as well as selected by the Editor-in-Chiefs of "American Artist Magazine" and "The Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine". 

2006 - Cover Artist for the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylics Exhibition
2008 - First place Lenore Segan Award for New York's Joyce Dutka Arts Foundation 
2009 - National Visual Arts Competition and has showcased her work at the Hollis Taggart Gallery in Manhattan. 
2010 - commissioned artist for the Vail Jazz Festival. 
2011 - cover artist for the international CEO Compass Magazine where her paintings "Spring Dreams" and "Metamorphosis" are featured.  

Cathy Pitts Is currently debuting her work in Taipei as an invited featured international artist at Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) 台北新藝術博覽會 in the Taipei World Trade Center Show Hall 2 and is now exhibiting throughout Taiwan in the X-Power Gallery 寶勝畫廊in Taichung and Kaohsiung. More information about Cathy Pitts, please visit her ArtSlant's site: http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/132464-cathy-pitts?tab=PROFILE.



Communication brings realm - Artworks by Lee Sun Don, Liu Baojun and Mou Lu

Photographer李善單Lee Sun Don (Frontier Art & X-Power Gallery,),  Title: Smiling Area 3, Year: 2010, Medium: Chromogenic C-Print
Size: 60x40cm
Award Winning: 1.Winning Honorable Mentions in The 4rd DIGA Central North Georgia Digital Circuit, USA.  Accepted into 2.NAPSL 30th Anniversary International Photographic Exhibition, Sri Lanka. (Digital C-Print)  3.3rd Digital Photo Award "MAN and NATURE" 2010, Austria  4.Central Washington State Fair's 56th International Photographic Exhibition, USA.


Enchanting Splendor‧Promising Artists Group Exhibition
Time: Oct. 06~ 28, 2012
Venue: Frontier Art & X-Power Gallery, Taipei(B1, No. 207, Dunhua North Road, Taipei)
TEL: 02-7707-8299 

Snow Patrol- Light Up


Train Nostalgia火車老味道 - Artist Lee Sun Don 李善單 - X-Power Gallery

Train Nostalgia

by Carson McCullers (1917-1967), 
Look Homeward, Americans

It is a curious emotion, 
this certain homesickness I have in mind. 
With Americans, it is a national trait, 
as native to us as the roller coaster or the jukebox.
It is no simple longing for the home town or country of our birth. 
The emotion is Janusfaced: 
we are torn between a nostalgia for the familiar 
and an urge for the foreign and strange. 
As  often as not, we are homesick most for the places
we have never known.


In honor of art
Artist Lee Sun Don李善單
Installation 2011


亞洲首個女子藝術創作團體瑪馨玲MaSingLing 美國首展-洛杉磯比佛利美術館(10/14-12/14)

http://news.sina.com 2012年10月10日 05:23 中國日報 (記者楊婷╱洛杉磯報導)[下圖瑪馨玲入圍 美國第10屆年度超現實視覺以及精神藝術評選展 得獎作品 - 合氣一相/金彩藍得‧龍騰虎躍,, 更多資訊請參訪網站 (英文版) www.caladangallery.com 

亞洲首個女子藝術創作團體瑪馨玲 Ma Sing Ling 美國首展,將於14日(周日)在洛杉磯比佛利美術館開幕,展覽一直延續到12月14日,歡迎民衆前往欣賞。   
由台灣新鋭藝術家張心禹(MANIHOO)、王馨薇(Singway)與鄭如玲(Ling Ling)所組成的Ma Sing Ling瑪馨玲創作三人組,雖然成軍時間不長,但她們的雕塑及藝術作品氣勢磅礡,獲重量級收藏家青睞,更是獲得國際藝術獎項不斷,可謂台灣之光!

下圖是瑪馨玲Ma Sing Ling 與收藏家 陳武剛董事長、陳國和總裁、指導老師李善單 (Sun Don Lee) 教授合影 圖片來源取自瑪馨玲臉書粉絲團]



畫展將於10月15日開始在比佛利畫廊展出,地址為 9601 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 125, Beverly Hills,CA 90210,喜歡藝術創作和收藏的民衆千萬不要錯過,詳情可以上網 www.gpdeva.com 或者 www.xpower-gallery.com 查詢。

 (下圖為台北寶勝畫廊目前展出的瑪馨玲油畫與雕塑作品,以及李善單Sun Don Lee 老師的最新作品一景,圖片取自寶勝畫廊經理童勝和(TT) 臉書資料)

下圖為 洛杉磯比佛利美術館 線上地圖 (9601 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 125, Beverly Hills,CA 90210)



懂得藝術Savoir Gallerie 2012 十月新展10/03~10/31 - 黃弘道 - 陽光、人群,莎拉曼加

黃弘道1997年於西班牙薩拉曼加藝術大學碩士畢業,由於非常熱愛薩城的人群及生活, 之後又多次利用暑假返回西班牙居住,因此異鄉反而成為鄉愁的對象。 爾後黃老師醉心於薩城人群的描繪,不僅將心中的人群意象呈現出來, 更有一種情感更迭的自在,在心靈上增加了空間感和不同層次的領悟。
在展出中,每一件作品並不是單獨存在的,而是提供了一個空間, 是外在的也是內心的,讓人們能走進去重新思考人群。
展覽日期:10/03~10/31 開幕茶會:10/13(六)下午3~7點 營業時間:周一至周六11:00~19:00 周日14:00~19:00


Liu Baojun - Artist - Enchanting Splendor, Promising Artist Group Exhibition 2012

1F & B1, No. 207, Dunhua N. Rd., Taipei 105, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-7706-8868
Fax: +886-2-7706-8998


  • Profile of Artist Liu Baojun (Origin: http://www.xpower-gallery.com)

    Born in 1963 in Dandong, the Liaoning Province of China, Liu Baojun, who has been an artist for 38 years now, began teaching himself about painting at the age of 7. He came to Shanghai in 2003 where he launched his unique artistic style. Since then, Liu has been reputed as one of the most representative painters in China. His unmatched and exquisite style, made clear in the Pipe-smoking Women series, has made his work the most sought-after in the art market.

  • Liu is masterful when it comes to meticulous details with his proficient skill and exquisite touch. Both in turn compliment his perfect control over the manipulation of colors and shadows. The artist's aesthetic in his painting is full of rich textures. He depicts the beauty of tranquility through the figures in his paintings, either sitting in front of desks or reclining in chairs, revealing relaxed or lazy expressions. Every work is refined from deep life experiences through a rich and vivid painting language. Roaming in between realism and modernism, the artist demonstrates his gift in style manipulation. Even though Liu possesses a profound understanding in the style of traditional and modern art expressions, the very core is the content itself. From a traditional prospective, his works reveal a gentle and warm aesthetic appeal. While being mingled with the tradition of the modern arts, his works not only brim with passions and vitalities, but also a classic mellowness. 
    Honors and Award
    2012 Selected into the 6th International Prize Arte Laguna, Italy
    2011 Selected into the 2012 annual exhibition, the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), UK
    Selected into The Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI), UK.
    Selected into Royal West of England Academy 159th Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, UK.
    2003    The first Prize of the Liaoning Province Film Promotion Contest, China
    More details, please visit X-Power Gallery

    Ricky Lee Jones - Rainbow sleeves (written by Tom Waits)

十月藝起來 兩岸藝術家齊聚台北寶勝畫廊 風華展‧畫壇有為青年聯展

十月藝起來 兩岸藝術家齊聚台北寶勝畫廊 風華展‧畫壇有為青年聯展

(中央社訊息服務20121001 13:42:55)隸屬於香華天國際精品集團的寶勝畫廊,

是台灣近年來發展快速、少數以國際化策略經營當代藝術的畫廊。2012下半年,寶勝畫廊連番出擊:先有重量級藏家雲集、佳評如潮的台灣新銳藝術家三人組Ma Sing Ling瑪馨玲「合氣一相」震撼大展;再以極具潛力的中國新銳藝術家推出「鋒芒露‧新銳藝術家聯展」;10月6日起由上海最火紅的藝術家劉寶軍為首,率兩岸有為青年藝術家裴連志、呂嫦謀、賴雅琦、俞潔兒與陳誼欣等,在寶勝畫廊策畫下,推出「風華展‧畫壇有為青年聯展」。

畫壇有為新銳 各具特色

一幅好作品,首先應該是美。 同時更要具有浪漫的情調,詩歌的抒情、散文的優美……震撼心靈的好作品會囊括更多氣息,更多美的元素,這才是風景畫的真諦」。這是裴連志多年來探索風景畫的總結,也如實反映在其作品上。近年來他更跳脫景物的真實描寫,嘗試將寫實與寫意結合,以單一色彩由遠至近虛實的漸變,層層疊疊各種植物中的冷暖變化,蜿蜒的水面形成的點線面的構成,並以刮刀一層層堆積的猶如浮雕感的機理,使簡潔的畫面充滿張力,令人感到無比震撼!






展覽地點:台北 香華天‧新藝境「寶勝畫廊」
電 話:02-7707-8299
網 址:www.xpower-gallery.com