Andrejus Kovelinas- Artist in 2013 Art Revolution Taipei (台北新藝術博覽會,A.R.T.) 參展藝術家(愛爾蘭)

    2013 Art Revolution Taipei

Nostalgia 鄉愁, oil on canvas, 40x80
(This pic referenced from http://www.artnishe.com/figurative.htm )

Artist Profile:  Andrejus Kovelinas graduated from high art school in Kishinau, Lithuania in 1978. Over the years Andrejus has distinguished himself in art circles across Europe, taking part in several exhibitions in countries such as his native Lithuania, Russia, France and Sweden. 
A master of his craft, he moved to Ireland
with his family in 2003 and his paintings are on on-going display here at The Green Gallery. As well as many other subjects Andrius paints women. 
When it comes to painting women Andrejus takes great joy from this subject and will continue to pursue painting extraordinary works of beautiful women as long as he will be able to paint. He believes women are designed amazingly by our Creator.
Style and techniques as such are not that important to him. When he sets out to begin a painting he is able to vary the technique and style and then go to work on it. 
And although he does not strive to fulfill any particular style, He tries to add his own experiences and knowledge. The finished product is left up to the people to judge and measure. It is good to know that there are people out there who love Andrejus's work. Deep down he knows, that when a person buys his work and hangs it up on their wall, receiving constant light, charged with God's energy and love, both Andrejus and the viewer have mutual satisfaction between them taking place.



Chinese Talk:Wonderful Attainment / The Wonder of Converging Spirituality

Wonderful Attainment / The Wonder of Converging Spirituality
2013/Oil on Canvas/100x50cm

Wind erosion (風化, feng hua4) is a major geomorphological force, especially in arid and semi-arid regions. It is also a major source of land degradation, evaporation, desertification, harmful airborne dust, and crop damage—especially after being increased far above natural rates by human activities such as deforestation, urbanization, and agriculture.  (Wikipedia)

風 (feng) Wind (How to write, Simplified Chinese), any natural force; in Chinese culture, "風 feng" could mean the trend, scene, information, anything could change the phase of matters in time, and like the insect in the cave. 
化 (hua4) convert. (How to write)
 Sand could be converted from rocks by wind erosion and any other forces.



2013 International Art Competition 國際藝術家評選賽 (Entry Deadline 2.28.2013)

2013 國際藝術家評選賽 (2013 International Art Competition)

The Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association has organized one of Asia’s top art contests, the International Art Competition (I.A.C.), since 2011. The organizer is now combining I.A.C. Together with Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.), the most important platform of art exchange in Taiwan, to promote individual artists to the international market. The combined power of both of these unrivaled art outlets will result in more opportunities of sponsorship, exhibition and sale.

亞洲頂尖藝術賽事「國際藝術家評選賽」自2011年起由台灣當代藝術家協會承接主辦,結合目前台灣最大的藝術交流平台-台北新藝術博覽會(Art Revolution Taipei),協助個人藝術家開拓更多展出、銷售及代理之機會。

Entry Deadline:Feb 28, 2013
Organizer:Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association
Co-organizer:X-Power Gallery
Eligibility:Open to all artists over 18 years old
Finalists will be announced on the website on March 31, 2013.
協辦單位:X-Power Gallery
畫廊獎:由X-Power Gallery贊助,自入圍參展作品中選出一位優秀藝術家。獲選之藝 術家得於第四屆台北新藝術博覽會使用一單位(9平方米)之展位空間以展售作品。

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