Brains Unchained - The idea from Sun Don Lee(李)'s work Saint-Lotus Lady Jewel series

李善單Sun Don Lee , Saint-Lotus Lady Jewel 4,  2012, Oil on Canvas, 72.5x91cm (30F)

She lives in no time, now and then. She seems no smile on face but understands quite well into the environment.  
The hat protects her hair, inspiring her with flowers and unseen spirits.

The totemic around represents the realm emerging from her wisdom from nowhere.

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“Full Moon, Spring Blossom - Master and Pupils Joint Exhibition by 李善單Lee Sun-Don & 瑪馨玲 Ma Sing Ling Blossom” 8/17-9/22 - Frontier Art • X-Power Gallery

Recently exhibited in Hong Kong, causing a great sensation and breathtaking impression, “Art with Me – Master and Pupils Joint Exhibition by Lee Sun-Don and Ma Sing Ling", extends this thrilling momentum from Hong Kong to Taiwan. Starting from August 17, Frontier Art • X-Power Gallery is to hold the “Full Moon,  Spring Blossom - Master and Pupils Joint Exhibition by Lee Sun-Don &  Ma Sing Ling
Blossom” — Maser and Pupils Joint Exhibition by Lee Sun-Don and Ma Sing Ling in its galleries in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. 

Lee Sun-Don   Wonderful Clouds / Wondrous Propitiousness
Acrylic on Canvas   200x100cm   2013

Lee Sun-Don   Wonderful Clouds / Incredibly Marvelous
Acrylic on Canvas   130x162cm   2013

The works on display are Professor Lee's latest series “Wonderful Clouds”, and Ma Sing Ling's two series, “Fantasy of Art” and “Floral Moon Duet.”
Internationally reputed, the "Contemporary Oriental Picasso" Professor Lee Sun-Don is the first artist in Asia in the past a hundred years of art history to ever participate in the “Venice Biennale” in an "Individual Oil Painting Pavilion.” 

The exhibited series “Wonderful Clouds” are works created with the mind-eye to depict a state of being, rather than the realistic representations. In the creation, allowing the paint to develop and change spontaneously, the artist managed the figurative as well as the abstract presentation simultaneously, using both the explicit and the implicit way of expression. 

The series reveals the beauty of flowing energies, powerful momentum, high originality, and a deep philosophical Zen mood. Professor Lee told Hong Kong media in an interview about his creative concept of this series: "The most important concept in Buddhism is 'One United Form', focusing on uniting the opposing states into oneness", "Put together the colors or conditions that are not supposed to be put together in the history of Western art, to break these rules with Buddhist doctrines. This is a way never used before."
Studying under Professor Lee Sun-Don, "Ma Sing Ling" is the Asian woman artist trio whose joint creations have been appreciated and collected by the President of Kelti Chen Wu-gang, the Chairman of Industrial Bank of Taiwan Kenneth C.M. Lo, the President of Jih Sun Group Chen Kwok-hei and other major collectors. 

The exhibited “Fantasy of Art” series continues the feature underlying all their works “to fully challenge the flowing and flexibility of oil paint.” In that free, unpredictable flowing, they added new concepts and ideas, to face all kinds of things with a broad, artistic mind, to use their imagination to experience the marvel and subtlety of the world even through the works of classical music masters. 

The series “Floral Moon Duet” symbolizing wealth and perfection of life shows, however, a different style from the past. Each piece has a red-lacquered door and a moon, meaning only with magnanimity, wisdom and compassion one can accord with what the image of moon symbolizes – perfection of life. The delicate strokes used in this series, though rarely seen in Ma Sing Ling's works, nonetheless reveal the unique romantic mood of woman artists.

Ma Sing Ling   Floral Moon Duet / Opening with Golden Luck
Acrylic on Canvas   145x145cm   2013

Ma Sing Ling   Fantasy of Art / The Sky of Florence
Acrylic on Canvas   145x145cm   2013

Ma Sing Ling   Fantasy of Art / Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2
Acrylic on Canvas   162x130cm   2013


ART Your Mind and Life - GP Deva's Hand-Bag

The fish in your handbag,
Never exhausting,
Since the source you are,
the skyline by your hand and Deva.


2013 年的金山銀山都在<懂得藝術> Savoir Art Gallerie 07/17~ 08/31 (泰國當代藝術家 Saenkom Chansrinual)

懂得藝術暑期大展 泰國知名當代藝術家
Saenkom Chansrinual <勝。境。大。山>


07/17~08/31 <勝。境。大。山>
展覽時間 : 周一至周六 11a.m~7p.m 
展覽地點 : 台北市大直敬業一路128巷40號1樓


懂得藝術目前展出泰國知名當代藝術家Saenkom Chansrinual(勝。境。大。山)
令人驚嘆的中國黃山美景, 啟發了Saenkom Chansrinual的藝術靈感,讓愛好大自然的他創作了

Saenkom Chansrinual使用獨門的技術溶解丙烯塑料、擠壓、再重置堆疊,創作出3D的立體風景,彷彿身歷其境般令人驚艷不已。

藝術家簡介: (網路資料)

Saenkom Chansrinual 
泰國/ 1967/ 藝術家
1989    Thaivichisilp School       
1992    Poh-Chang Academy of Arts
1995    Srinakharinwirot University
展覽/獲獎 經歷:
2012    台北新藝術博覽會
2007    “大山”主題展 於曼谷都實他尼酒店舉辦
2004 -2005    泰國王后Sirikit登基72周年展覽
2003    “生活與自然”主題展(曼谷Grand酒店舉辦)
2000    作品“Announcement of Frame”榮獲東盟藝術獎
1997    曼谷國家畫廊第55屆當代藝術展
Saenkom Chansrinual 創作此獨特系列稱為“宏偉山脈”向大自然的偉大與山頂天堂般的景觀致敬。在這個系列中,他運用自己的獨特的技法,擠出先融化的固態壓克力,層層疊疊地塗繪到畫布上,以形成壯觀的山景,讓觀畫者沈浸於一種寧靜的氛圍之中。除了創造出豐富紋理之外,他的終極技法是應用金屬性顏料,形成十分迷人的立體透視效果。

Thai/ 1967/ Artist
1989    Thaivichisilp School
1992    Poh-Chang Academy of Arts  
1995    Srinakharinwirot University        
2007    "Grand Mountain" at The Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok
2004 -2005    72nd Anniversary Queen Sirikit Exhibitions, Bangkok
2003    "Life & Nature" at The Grand Hotel, Bangkok
2000    "Announcement of Frame" won the ASEAN Art Award
1997    The 55th Contemporary Art Exhibition of the National Gallery, Bangkok
Saenkom Chansrinual created this unique collection of artwork titled "Grand Mountain" to pay tribute to the greatness of nature and the heavenly view from the top of the mountain. In this artwork collection, he used a self-formulated technique in which the solid acrylic were first melted, squeezed, and painted in an overlay manner, one-by-one painstakingly onto the canvas to form magnificent mountain scenery which transports the viewers into a sense of peacefulness. Apart from the rich texture he created, his ultimate skill in applying the metallic paints to create the three-dimensional perspective effects in his artwork is fascinated.


Unlimited Revenue soaring by heaven, earth and humankind [利] - Wonderful Clouds / Soaring Dragon • Supreme Nobility by 李善單Sun Don Lee(X-Power Gallery)

Artist Sun Don Lee's new work: Wonderful Clouds / Soaring Dragon  Supreme Nobility 
Year: 2013  Medium: Acrylic on Canvas  Size: 100x200cm (100F)

Soaring dragon is a sign of getting famous or fortune in Chinese tradition.
And people might use Mandarin word 利, (read as li4) to illustrate the revenue, the interest.
To write the word as following stroke sequence,

You might write  "禾" as the first part (means cereals or grains), 
and "刂" as the second one, also the radical index, which means a knife.

In ancient time, farmers harvest the grains by using knief, and get the their revenue.

In artist Sun Don Lee's new work, Wonderful Clouds / Soaring Dragon  Supreme Nobility, 
we could see the clouds soaring like a flying dragon above the mountains, 
and there is a temple just located at the middle of mountains in the artwork. 

Artist creates this series of artwork with the style of Chinese painting, to demonstrate the inner world of a Chinese artist, based on Taiwan where most of Chinese culture preserved in the modern time.

In this series of works, Lee uses monochrome ink to depict the natural mountains and clouds with abstract idea, while painting different light and dark areas by regulating the moisture of the ink (in fact acrylic). 

The most prominent idea of this series of works is the location of the temple.
Chinese people believe that when heaven, earth and humankind, the three dominance reaches balance and work effectively, the fortune and fame comes.

So the location of a building would suggest not only convenience of daily life, 
but also the revenue created without limitation when combing the spirits from heaven and human beings.

"Where is my temple?" 
Lee asks himself this question at the last stage of painting creation, and draws the temple on the canvas to make a finale perfect, but with unlimited bliss for anyone who enjoy the artwork.

And where is your temple to make your life with real revenue such as healthy, joy or fortune?

Maybe you can find some answers from Sun Don Lee's new "Wonderful Clouds" works at X-Power Gallery! 

Wonderful Clouds / Wondrous Propitiousness 
2013/Acrylic on Canvas/200x100cm (100F)

Sun Don Lee(李)'s profile:
Painting Artist: Pioneer of Totemic Energy Oil Painting
More current status of artist, please check the website,

Year of Birth: 1959
Birth Place: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Education: BA, Mathematics, Soochow University, Taiwan
Where to Visit:  Taipei/ Taiwan
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B1, No.207, Dunhua N. Rd., Taipei 105, Taiwan
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什麼是慈悲?讓人吃飯就是最大的慈悲: [轉載] 李善單Sun Don Lee 笑釋「禪畫」- 妙得雲變/帝王氣運大開心



  中國的禪不僅是宗教,中國的水墨亦不僅是材質。這些難於被西方社會所了解的內容,隻能以東方神秘主義指標題以蔽之。不過,所謂東方神秘主義的內核其實不屬於東方,而是西方人的東方印象,長久沉溺反而失了性情。修行人、被稱作東方畢加索的台灣畫家李善單,時而窠臼裏,時而乾坤外;近日他於海港城展出的「妙得雲變系列」,很有點乾坤之外的意思。/本報記者  成 野

藝術家最新作品(圖文取自李善單藝術工作室) 妙得雲變/帝王氣運大開心 2013/丙烯.畫布/ 290x145cm (200號)










  在畫與禪中兜兜轉轉,筆者有心無力決意跳脫。李善單有趣,向來是修行賣畫兩不誤,不但自己的畫作大賣,更幫別人賣畫,他是台北新藝博會(Art Revolution Taipei)的創始人,在去年的第二屆台北新藝博會落下帷幕之時,以成交率百分之九十一點一八,總參觀人數二萬八千五百八十七人收官。




串藝術 Together Arts - 初夏的藝術饗宴, 咱們相約台中見 - 台中藝術博覽會(ART Taichung) 金典酒店7/12(Fri)- 7/15(Mon) 2013

2013 台中藝術博覽會(7/12-7/15) 即將登場: 串藝術 Together Arts 將與藝術家林宗範, 陳秀雯,Narate Kathong 為台中的夏天抹上晶亮的藝術色!! 

藝術家 (中立者) 與串藝術 Alisa Lu , Mark Hung 佈展中

串藝術Together Arts 即將於台中藝術博覽會展出的藝術家作品: 

藝術家 林宗範  作品


展覽時間: 2013 年 7 月 12 日(五)至 7 月 15 日(一)
開放時間: 7 月 12 日至 14 日 12:00 - 19:00 / 7 月 15 日僅開放至 18:00
展覽地點:台中金典酒店(台中市健行路 1049 號


更多資訊,請點選串藝術 Together Arts  和藝術家的臉書專頁!!