Unlimited Revenue soaring by heaven, earth and humankind [利] - Wonderful Clouds / Soaring Dragon • Supreme Nobility by 李善單Sun Don Lee(X-Power Gallery)

Artist Sun Don Lee's new work: Wonderful Clouds / Soaring Dragon  Supreme Nobility 
Year: 2013  Medium: Acrylic on Canvas  Size: 100x200cm (100F)

Soaring dragon is a sign of getting famous or fortune in Chinese tradition.
And people might use Mandarin word 利, (read as li4) to illustrate the revenue, the interest.
To write the word as following stroke sequence,

You might write  "禾" as the first part (means cereals or grains), 
and "刂" as the second one, also the radical index, which means a knife.

In ancient time, farmers harvest the grains by using knief, and get the their revenue.

In artist Sun Don Lee's new work, Wonderful Clouds / Soaring Dragon  Supreme Nobility, 
we could see the clouds soaring like a flying dragon above the mountains, 
and there is a temple just located at the middle of mountains in the artwork. 

Artist creates this series of artwork with the style of Chinese painting, to demonstrate the inner world of a Chinese artist, based on Taiwan where most of Chinese culture preserved in the modern time.

In this series of works, Lee uses monochrome ink to depict the natural mountains and clouds with abstract idea, while painting different light and dark areas by regulating the moisture of the ink (in fact acrylic). 

The most prominent idea of this series of works is the location of the temple.
Chinese people believe that when heaven, earth and humankind, the three dominance reaches balance and work effectively, the fortune and fame comes.

So the location of a building would suggest not only convenience of daily life, 
but also the revenue created without limitation when combing the spirits from heaven and human beings.

"Where is my temple?" 
Lee asks himself this question at the last stage of painting creation, and draws the temple on the canvas to make a finale perfect, but with unlimited bliss for anyone who enjoy the artwork.

And where is your temple to make your life with real revenue such as healthy, joy or fortune?

Maybe you can find some answers from Sun Don Lee's new "Wonderful Clouds" works at X-Power Gallery! 

Wonderful Clouds / Wondrous Propitiousness 
2013/Acrylic on Canvas/200x100cm (100F)

Sun Don Lee(李)'s profile:
Painting Artist: Pioneer of Totemic Energy Oil Painting
More current status of artist, please check the website,

Year of Birth: 1959
Birth Place: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Education: BA, Mathematics, Soochow University, Taiwan
Where to Visit:  Taipei/ Taiwan
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