Yachi Lai 賴雅琦's Light - [Exhibition: Treasure Hunt – Group Exhibition of Taiwan and Mainland Artists Hunting for Artworks with Great Potentials by Promising] Talents

Yachi Lai's work: 
Applauding No.1 Acrylic on Canvas, 72.5x91cm 2011

You never thought the woman hanging down the head like this, 
until Pablo Picasso drew it from his mind.
And, one day, sitting in your living room, your realized the gesture from your friend, or a family, 
or yourself. 
You could not await to give an applause for the picture in your mind.
Behold! The woman in front of you still stay in her world, 
and genuine work was settled with price higher and higher, auction by auction.

Where your applause would go? 

Picasso ever asked 張大千 Chang Dai chen (or Zhang DaQian, Chinese artist 1899-1983) 
the similar question when they met in Nice, 1956.
Picasso asked Zhang "Where is your work?" 

After then, Zhang started a totally new series.
When a master like Picasso gave appraise like this, 
what will you do?  
Zhang chose to create new works with a trendy style, 
while combing the skills he practiced from long time ago, and he succeeded.
Yachi Lai's work: 
Applauding No.3 Acrylic on Canvas, 72.5x91cm 2011

Yachi Lai's work: 
In Light of Chang Dai-Chien‧The World as It Was 3

Young artist Yachi Lai (1980-, Taiwanese) 
shared the same inspiration when kindergarten. 
“You paint truly wonderfully!” 

What you will do when you receive a big compliment from an important person?
Maybe a series of revolution, like Picasso, Chang Dai-Chien or young artist like, Yachi Lai. 

As for the style of traditional Chinese painting, 
people might need more time to reveal and capture the spirit of the culture (around 5000 yrs), 
and unwind the real spirit at some moment, unexpected one.


Inspired by Zhang Da-Ch’ien’s magnificent landscape painting, 
Yachi Lai integrates elements of modern architecture and 
presents her latest creations as part of her “In Light of Chang Dai-Ch'ien‧
The World as It Was”In Light of Chang Dai-Ch'ien‧


Treasure Hunt – September 28, 2013~ October 27, 2013@Frontier Art • X-Power Gallery, Taipei

Treasure Hunt – Group Exhibition of Taiwan and Mainland Artists
Hunting for Artworks with Great Potentials by Promising Talents

  • Time: September 28, 2013~ October 27, 2013
    Venue: Frontier Art • X-Power Gallery, Taipei

  • X-Power Gallery will present a newly curated exhibition – “Treasure Hunt” – on September 28, 2013, running through October 27, 2013. This exhibition brings together artists with great market potentials from Taiwan and Mainland China, including Singway, Mou Lu, Lee Hongshan, Yu Zuguang, GOGO YU, MANIHOO, Zhang Miao, Xcun, Chen Jun, Chen Li-Wei, Luna Chen, Ling Ling, Yachi Lai, and Coana Sebastião.
    This exhibition features artists who have developed their own art languages and distinguished styles. The members of the internationally recognized art trio Ma Sing Ling, for example, will participate with their individual creation.
     Adopted from The secret of kells

     Ling Ling, who has established her reputation in photography, will display oil paintings manifesting the savor of cutout effects. With her artwork selected into Le Salon d’Automne, one of the most important art exhibitions held in Paris, Singway uses multimedia to illustrate various facets of the inner world. MANIHOO, winner of “Best of Year 2010 by Marziart International Gallery,” combines drawing with her use of banknotes to create a series characterized by liveliness and vitality. 

    Sinway_The Dog with a Moon

    Ling Ling_Beyond Color/Smiling at All Times

    Manihoo_I'm Not a Master/Lady in Shower

    With painting knives, Chen Li-Wei manages beautifully to bring out a sentiment of warming femininity from the thickness of layering colors. Mou Lu, whose works win favor from female collectors, creates a series with bright eyes to convey the inner motion, while continuing to draw on the motif of flower and woman. Inspired by Zhang Da-Ch’ien’s magnificent landscape painting, Yachi Lai integrates elements of modern architecture and presents her latest creations as part of her “In Light of Chang Dai-Ch'ien‧The World as It Was”In Light of Chang Dai-Ch'ien‧The World as It Was” series. As to GOGO YU and Luna Chen, each narrates the sentiments of romance with geometrical elements and style of picture books in her own way.

    Mou Lu_Scent of a Woman • Scent of a Woman‧Bright Eyes 8

    GOGO YU_Flower • Sleep
    Chen Li-Wei_Still
    Yachi Lai_In Light of Chang Dai-Ch’ien • The World as It Was 22

    Based on the structure of Chinese paintings, Chinese artist Chen Jun depicts image blending concrete and abstract, realism and non-realism. His works are quite popular among art lovers in Taiwan, with all his exhibiting works sold out right at the VIP preview during Art Revolution Taipei 2013. Xcun expresses traditional literary thinking via his painting characterized by simplicity and child-like innocence. Lee Hongshan represents the elegance of the landscape and architecture of Jiangnan in south China from her unique feminine perspective. 

    Skilled in capturing light and shadow of glass transparency, Zhang Miao features the image deflected from the glass to symbolize the melting stability of the world. With a realistic style, Yu Zuguang’s walnut-themed paintings express his self-expectations of being perseverant toward life, as firm as the shell of walnuts. A young artist from Mozambique and graduate from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Coana specializes in crafting the female images of his homeland with intensive and saturated colors.Please come to hunt for the treasures that resonate with your heart.
    These 14 artists across Taiwan Strait each has his/her own characteristic style, market potential, and promising collectability. Please come to hunt for the treasures that resonate with your heart.   
    Coana Sebastião

    Xcun_My Sky-Please Do Not Wake Me Up

    Zhang Miao_Life Is A Cup of Wine No.21

    Chen Jun_8 Joy In Secular World 48


    航海大挖寶(2013/9/28至10/27)台北香華天‧新藝境/寶勝畫廊X-Power Gallery「挖寶.兩岸藝術家聯展」

    兩岸藝壇星勢力 相約台北「香華天.新藝境」寶勝畫廊
    「挖寶.兩岸藝術家聯展」星光熠熠 期待您前來尋寶~挖寶~藏寶!

    十四位新崛起的兩岸藝壇星勢力──Coana Sebastião、王馨薇、呂嫦謀、李紅珊、余祖光、俞潔兒、張心禹、張渺、陳小村、陳軍、陳俐維、陳誼欣、鄭如玲、賴雅琦,9/28至10/27相約在台北「香華天‧新藝境」寶勝畫廊聯袂展出。



    女人香‧明眸8    呂嫦謀Mou Lu (台灣)    丙烯.畫布 53x65cm  2013


    帶著月亮的狗狗    王馨薇Singway (台灣)    複合媒材 100x60x4cm  2013


    我不是大師/浴女    張心禹MANIHOO (台灣)    丙烯.複合媒材 40x50cm  2013


    花•眠 Flower•Sleep    俞潔兒GOGO YU (台灣)    複合媒材 80x65cm  2013


    夜間守護神/甜蜜的夜晚    陳誼欣Luna Chen (台灣)    油彩.畫布 53x45.5cm  2013


    色影/頻頻微笑    鄭如玲Ling Ling(台灣)    丙烯.畫布 46x55x2cm  2013


    大千世界‧江山依舊 22    賴雅琦Yachi Lai(台灣)    丙烯.畫布 91×60.5cm  2013

    畢業於大陸中央美學院的Coana Sebastião,是來自莫三比克的年輕藝術家,他善於以強烈飽和的色彩,塑造家鄉女性的形象。

    Coana Sebastião


    金秋時分    余祖光Yu Zuguang(中國大陸)    油彩.畫布 120x90cm  2012


    紅塵喜48    陳軍Chen Jun(中國大陸)    油彩.畫布 60x90cm  2012


    山月照依舊    陳俐維


    我的天空-請不要叫醒我    陳小村Xcun(中國大陸)    油彩.畫布 102x76cm  2011




    杯酒生活21    張渺Miao Zhang(中國大陸)    油彩.畫布 60x50cm  2013

    「挖寶」─ 兩岸藝術家聯展
    日期:2013.9.28 (六)~ 10.27(日)
    地點:「香華天‧新藝境」寶勝畫廊 台北市敦化北路207號 1F & B1
    電話:(02)7706-8868 7707-8299


    2014 International Art Competition (I.A.C.) - Entry Deadline: December 31, 2013


    2014 International Art Competition (I.A.C.)

    The Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association has organized one of Asia’s top art contests, the International Art Competition (I.A.C.), since 2011. The organizer is now combining I.A.C. Together with Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.), the most important platform of art exchange in Taiwan, to promote individual artists to the international market. The combined power of both of these unrivaled art outlets will result in more opportunities of sponsorship, exhibition and sale.
    Entry Deadline: December 31, 2013
    Organizer:Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association
    Co-organizer:GP Deva Pull-Zen International Inc. (X-Power Gallery)
    Eligibility:Open to all artists over 18 years old
    Finalists will be announced on the website on January 10, 2014.
    Finalists:All accepted entries will be exhibited for sale in the A.R.T. 2014 fair.
    Gallery Award:The juror will select ONE artist who will be sponsored by X-Power Gallery
    and obtain one free exhibition unit (9m2) in A.R.T. 2015.
    Award Ceremony and Exhibition:
    The organizer will announce the winner of “Gallery Award” at the preview VIP night on April 16, 2014.
    All accepted artworks will be displayed during A.R.T. 2014 between April 16 and 20, 2014.
    2014 Entry Form of Art Competition Download

    Result of the 2013 International Art Competiton

    This is a moment to celebrate for Taiwan now has the honor to take a look at the artworks of the best thriving artists from around the world. There are estimated 2,462 pieces of artworks submitted for the 2013 International Art Competition created by artists from 50 different countries. The numbers talk. Not only is this tremendous feedback a huge triumph for the artists who now have the opportunity to introduce their work to the collectors in Taiwan, but also a great encouragement for Taiwan International Contemporary Association. The winner of this completion will get the chance to exhibit his/her artwork at the 2014 Art Revolution Taipei in a 9-meter square booth.
    42 outstand in this extremely competitive contest and will be exhibited from 3rd May until the 6th 2013 at Art Revolution Taipei. One of the finalists will be announced winner at the VIP night, 2nd May. It is our upmost pleasure inviting you to join us and indulge yourself in this feast of fine art.

    The following is the list of the selected artists and their artworks listed in alphabetical order by the nationalities and the names of the artists.

    Kuan-Ying Wu (Taiwan)
    Discovery Park
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Maciej Gador (Poland)
    Oil on Canvas 
    Sin-Cih Jiang (Taiwan)
    Oil on Canvas
    Yu-Qiang, Zhao (China)
    Oil on Canvas
    Věra Tataro (Czech)
    Acrylic on canvas
    Hellen Constante (Ecuador)
    My job is
    Oil on Canvas
    Uwe Castens (Germany)
    Acrylic on canvas
    Wladimir Barantschickov (Germany)
    Oil on Canvas
    Anthony Moman (Italy)
    Unfinished business
    Acrylic on canvas
    Sohan Jakhar (India)
    Acrylic on canvas
    91.4x91.4 cm
    Surender Singh (India)
    Acrylic on canvas
    Manish Sutaar (India)
    In Transition VI
    Manish Sutaar (India)
    In Transition XVI
    Vasu Srinuvasurao (India)
    Passion of their desire
    Acrylic on canvas
    Mulyo Gunarso (Indonesia)
    Elegy of Nest #2
    Acrylic on canvas
    Rayka (Japan)
    Acrylic on canvas
    Aivars Kisnics (Latvia)
    Without titled 393
    Oil on Canvas
    Kiew-Hang, Hoo (Malaysia)
    Budda and Jesus at Night and Sun
    Acrylic on canvas
    Victoria Rueda (Mexico)
    Oil on Canvas
    Martin Hardy (Mexico)
    Acrylic and Mixed
    37x27.7 cm
    Maciej Gador (Poland)
    Oil on Canvas
    65x73 cm
    Gierlak lukasz (Poland)
    Oil on Canvas
    Bartosz Fraczek (Poland)
    City Lights 1
    Oil on Canvas
    60x90 cm
    Bartosz Fraczek (Poland)
    City Lights 2
    Oil on Canvas
    60x90 cm
    Jaime Guilherme Brance de Carvalho (Portugal)
    One of seven, Avarice
    Acrylic on canvas
    Mamkaeva Maria Alexeevna (Russia)
    Russian Winter
    Oil on Canvas
    Jeni bev Biktimirova (Russia)
    Indian Woman
    Watercolor and ink
    Baxx Vlada Pantelic(Serbia)
    Angels, pump it up
    Acrylic on canvas
    Ana Cvejic (Serbia)
    Acrylic on canvas
    Ivan Jorda (Spain)
    Was it a dream
    Oil on Canvas
    Yu-Fang, Ma (Taiwan)
    「Modern indigenous people」- Go to McDonald's NO.1
    Acrylic on canvas
    Yu-Fang, Ma (Taiwan)
    「Modern indigenous people」- Go to McDonald's NO.2
    Acrylic on canvas
    De-Shing Liou (Taiwan)
    Acrylic on canvas
    Ping-Rong Chen (Taiwan)
    I am a chief
    Acrylic and oil on Canvas
    Leila Shili (Tunisia)
    Acrylic on canvas
    Ihsan Otrmak (Turkey)
    Sorgu and Monolog2
    Oil on Canvas
    Serhiy Savchenko (Ukraine)
    Oil on Canvas
    Loredana Messina (UK)
    Sutera Rabato Antico
    Oil on Canvas
    49x69 cm
    Loredana Messina (UK)
    Villaggio antico
    Oil on Canvas
    Steven Driscoll Hixson (U.S.A)
    Monoprint (oil based)
    Emlyne Tan (U.S.A)
    Respect, Sympathy and Enthusiasm
    Acrylic on Canvas
    Brent Thomas (U.S.A)
    Go get you an education
    Yu-Jen Liu (Taiwan)
    Aura in the Landscape 3
    Oil on Canvas

    Wei-Ming Chen (Taiwan)
    Image of the City 1
    Oil on Canvas
    Chieh-Ti Chang (Taiwan)
    Swan’s dream