Chinese Talk - 月 Moon- A Chinese Word with Eternal Idea (李善單Lee Sun Don's Works: Moon Series & Diamond Sutra)


Moon (月) the guardian to Earth (地球) where we live. From Chinese culture, this word means not just for a planet, but even an existence. 

Title: Moon Series / Enlightenment through Contemplating upon the Moon
Year: 2008/Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas/Size: 145x145 cm(100F) 

Award Winning: Accepted into 1.the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award, as part of the exhibition at the VII Florence Biennale 2009.   2.the Florence Biennale 2009, Arte Studio in association with Ministry for Cultural Heritage in Italy, Florence, Italy.   3.Biennal of Chianciano 2009, Chianciano Terme, Italy.   4.Bankside Gallery Summer Exhibition 2009, Bankside Gallery, London, UK.   5.Solo Exhibition in the Exhibition 2008 Autumn, Gallery Gabrichidze, Belgium.


Chinese Word, 月 (Click to see the stroke order) means Moon, pronounced as "Yue4". 
This word is also a radical index, so you find out the word "有 (click to see the stroke order)" belongs to "月" category. 

"有", the word means existence, and Taiwanese artist Lee Sun Don created a series of works "Moon Seriese" to express what he learned from Buddha's Nature and existence. 

 "Moon represents my heart" , the popular Chinese song maybe also leads you to more comprehension of the idea from a lover's Mind.

In another work created in Master Lee Sun Don draw the work "Diamond Sutra 9" on the 53rd International Art Exhibition, 2009 - La Biennale di Venezia to cope with the "1=∞" the quality of Buddha nature, which was also the theme for artist's exhibition (Theme - Create & Change: Internal = External, 1=∞, Site Information)

According to Astrology, Cancer (June 22- July 22, )  is ruled by the Moon (Ref: How Your Ruling Planet Defines You)  "The Moon is known for its regularly changing appearance and mood.......Life slides through continual growth and contraction; incorporating this natural ebb and flow into your lifestyle is key." 

From Lee's work Diamond Sutra 9, one could see his nature just like the Moon, which lights up the otherwise-dark night, and heartfelt words/gestures help light the paths for everyone around him.

 第九品 一相無相分 
Title: Diamond Sutra - Of Kindness (9) : The Harmonized Form Is Formless 
Year: 2009/Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas/66x66 cm(20F) 


One might see different expression about "love" from Bizet 's operaCarmen. 
This play was based on a popular novella of the same name by Prosper Mérimée, which enticed French readers with exotic tales of Spain. 


從藝術家李善單Lee Sun Don的<人生精彩> 聽時間與空間的詩歌 [台灣流行歌手[張惠妹A-Mei 三月] 寶勝畫廊展覽:2014/6/14(六) ~ 7/31(四)

李善單Lee Sun Don 2014 創作/題名:人生精彩/美女
年代:2014/素材:彩墨.紙本/尺寸:66x90cm (30號) 






台灣Taiwan 歌手張惠妹A-Mei的三月


李善單Lee Sun Don 2014 創作題名:人生精彩/
無掛礙/年代:2014/素材:彩墨.紙本/尺寸:66x90cm (30號)



展覽資訊: [網站資訊: http://www.xpower-gallery.com/trad/exhibitions_20140611.html ]
「人生精彩 」─李善單Lee Sun Don
展覽日期:2014/6/14(六) ~ 7/31(四)
展覽地點:「香華天‧新藝境 寶勝畫廊」

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