Echo to Real Victory and Sympathy of Nature - The World in Hand / Song of Victory by Artist Lee Sun Don (李善單)

Master Lee Sun Don's World First Sculpture Bronze and Fossil(Sinistral shell)
The World in Hand / Song of Victory 2015 

How you record your victory in life?
My friend and classmate of Buddhism class, Ranny texted me this late evening,
"Gia, today is our 9th anniversary for studying Forshang Great Buddhism, let's look forward and welcome our 10th year!"
And I replied an icon of a wholehearted love.

During a quick and short conversation, mom shared, joyfully, what she did during her voluntary job as a cook to utilize the limited source to cook a dish that she never imagined before. That dish really made her feel content and excited to know her nature can creatively cook even with limited sources.  Mom and I decided to have a great dinner to celebrate and learn some new dishes in certain restaurants nearby.

Left handed gastropod species (less than 10% among the species) are almost always Sinistral (left-handed), and venerated. The founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha (Sanskrit: sage of the Sakya), or Siddhartha Gautama (563-485 BC) accepted a white and left-handed conch as a gift when he first transmitted Buddhist teaching as a song of victory. Thus, sinistral shell is regarded as sacred symbol because of blessing from Sakyamuni Buddha.

In 2015, Taiwanese artist, Professor Lee Sun Don use fossil, Sinistral shell and "only one" copy of sculpture (bronze) with totems (only and only one) to create a world-first and only one artwork to express what his philosophy about relationship between time and human being in universe as holding time by hands, holding the world in hands. 

Related criticism from LA Splash Magazine, Brooke Adams,
"Master Lee Sun-Don - a Taiwan-born writer, music composer, and incredibly talented painter - incorporates the teachings of Buddha into his artistry and showcased this in his most recent gallery opening, October 4, 2007. Through a delicate balance of color, symbolism, whimsical creativity and precision, Master Lee transfers his own mental and physical energy into a sort of metaphoric storytelling. In his paintings, Master Lee illustrates a path to enlightenment and captures the Zen of art.

(Master Lee Sun-Don Gallery Grand Opening Reception Review – Oriental Picasso of the 21st Century
By Brooke Adams/LA Splash Magazine/LASPLASH.COM: Art & Books

More criticisms, please visit the website of Art Studio of LEE SUN DON.

A victory could be recorded when a child grow and transform to be mature, and the sympathy from nature could be an great echo, a wonderful song.

The world-first creation of the series of sculpture with fossils is not just Master Lee Sun Don's echo for Universal & Sacred existence, but also a blessing for sympathy of Nature.

Rare Bird - Sympathy


Boundless / Light You Up by Design Ryan Lee, A Way to "Savoir"

Artist: Design Ryan Lee Title: Boundless / Light You Up 2011
Oil on Canvas  100x82cm
More Works & Info, Please visit The Art Studio of Lee Sun Don

Denise Williams, Art Director of Santa Fe Art World
I see many things, many powerful messages in these works. Yes, not only are they the prizes we were looking for in their execution, but the message is more vibrant as a result as they are cast from the spirit on a clear day uninterrupted...... You touch my heart.
It is important for the artist to lay their soul on canvas, Master Lee achieves this. This is why his work is a conduit of energy, why it heals, why it is more than telling a well executed visual story and exactly why the work comes to life for it is a living entity from his hand, his soul. (Criticism Source)