Learning and Modeling Real & Firm Friendship in between at 2015 Taiwan Art easy (Oct 23-25, Huashan Creative Park)


Art easy 台灣輕鬆藝博會 

Artist Ran Ling-Pei冉綾珮's works: Big-eye girl without any expression on her face, surrounded by plantation. She knows what she wants, even becoming a real one to depict her dream to the world.  

Artist Luna Chen(陳誼欣)'s works show her talent and ambition to draw how she got enlightened on canvas. 


Taiwanese Artist Lai Chiu-Mei賴秋美
The firm attitude conveyed by dogs on her works help define a confirmative sentence sometimes you might need.

Artist Jay Wu (巫翰林)'s works of half-faced(半臉) pets deliver his philosophy of pets should be our companion(伴侶) to be adopted rather than being purchased.

 Artist Tung Hui Hua (董繪華) depicts the fishes with her endless love and wishes for family gathering during Chinese New Year.

Huashan Creative Park, the former warehouse and winery.


In 2015 Taiwan Art easy, one found friendship between any factor and enjoy a wonderful sensual experience! It's ART in Universe!

Artist Tung Hui-Hua and her works, she is also a good cook!

Artist P.K. Hsu and his wife (LYP), the model on canvas. 


Build an Artistic Way by Learning Mandarin in Taipei: Get Art Museum & Art easy 2015 Preview/Presale

Brian, my Mandarin student and I had the regular training session at Get Art Museum (得(de2) 藝 (yi4) 美(mei3) 術 (shu4) 館(guan3) yesterday.

New Book for Mandarin Class, 2

Around the museum, designed vegetation and several herbs emit fragrance and attract many lovers for art and horticulture.
We enjoyed coffee provided by the mini coffeeshop in the museum as the session went on.
This newly established museum exhibits and promotes works from Taiwan-based artists, including Taiwan-born artists, and artists who live in Taiwan.
Brian mentioned an etching art on wood (preview of art easy 2015) might be inspired by certain landscape of Taipei city because of banana trees and the river side is so similar to the scenery of Taipei Fine Art Museum. And he shared his experience of bicycling with his wife last week in the river side park near by Get Art Museum.

 bicycle store near by Get Art Museum 

  Get Art Museum, Now art easy 2015 preview (2nd phase) on... Preview Date: 2015.9/8~2015.10/15

As a senior civilization engineer from Indian State, apparently he focuses the scenery along the road in a natural way.
Coincidentally, news about an etching work dated to Qing (清qing)dynasty of China was released this morning at  Documenting Victory in Etching, National Palace Museum.

Get Art Museum Event Now

Get Art Museum: http://www.getart.com.tw
1F, No. 168, Sanmin Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

Event Now:
Preview of Taiwan easy art, website and online pre-sale: http://www.arteasy.com.tw


第一屆 台灣輕鬆 ART easy 藝術博覽會2015. 10/23 - 10/25 @華山1914文創產業園區中4B [純台味—專屬台灣藝術家的本土藝博會]



台灣  藝博覽會
日期:2015. 10/23 - 10/25
地點:華山1914文創產業園區 中4B
社團法人 台灣國際當代藝術家協會


2015 ART easy 藝術家名單 (今年報名全部結束。謝謝大家~)

吳祚昌 林亞屏 林逸安 梁祐寧 陳柏廷
林宗範 撒貞明 蔡鎮宇 賴岳宏 蘇沛清
瑪馨玲 賴雅琦 陳誼欣 俞潔兒 米凱莉
李品陞 李美惠 汪怡娉 孫采華 張榮凱
許瓊朱 曾日昇 葉綺紅 陳惠卿 瑗容淑德
葉儀貞 劉得興 羅得嘉 韓毓琦 吳和珍
李宜亭 林宣余 夏時中 郭妙蓉 陳鈺文
楊淑虹 賴秋美 曾梅鶴 譚馥芬 邱惠珠
紀千景 董繪華 張羽儀 張韵苧 陳玉燕
陳家瑋 黃麗蓉 楊隆昇 葉柏昱 歐筱君 
蔡瑞瑜 李政穎 涂鈞筑 林維新 陳永煜
李若梅 徐培剛 施盈聰 林嘉怡 陳美華
葛晏如 劉克豐 顏乙澄 張玉穎 石志偉
張淑蓉 許可昀 范秋霞 柯怡君 曾美玲
萬惠華 林志瑜 林玟慧 侯兩傳 侯彥廷
涂毓修 康錦華 張詠晴 陳民芳 陳怡年
蔡蓓詩 賴育萱 洪美倫 魏奕辰 李天忻
陳麗英 陳蘭錡 陳秀雯 廖迎晰 林昭緯
鄭仲軒 墨白 宮原千佳子 謝沛涵 冉綾珮
李雅馨 林佩玲 林煊哲 張汝蕙 陳胤蓉
姚遠  徐秩硯 張美鳯 歐紹合 林峻宇
張凱洋 蘇崇銘 翁凰筑 陳炳臣 江奇遠
王曉青 吳姮  施易亨 胡九蟬 張力允
曹光甫 陳俐維 陳御辰 丁增擢 黃韶卉
劉韋岑 巫翰林 陳琪華 黃君欣 李招治
姚瑞珊 何晨瑛 洪瑋岳 鮑慧修 廖美蘭
林志金 林聰明 郭艷雅 陳沛逸 蔡譯德
徐婕  鄭光婷 顏昱齊 范植正 蔡威宇
余連春 林國瑋